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Greenpoint Party Room and Event Space

Mario S.


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This space brings to you the perfect venue for special events and/or productions.
This listing is for our breakout room, a cozy, intimate, 1500 sq ft. recreation area that includes its own private office/ vip lounge with television and dining area. It has a full buffet kitchen, with appliances and furniture included, easily serving 100+ meals.
This room offers a 10ft projection television, whiteboard, individual Fios DVR cable boxes, and smart TVs with internet access. You can comfortably accommodate 75 guests for any type of conference or dining event.
We have four high end tournament poker tables with professional casino chairs on site at all times. We have a rolling tool box, poker chips, playing cards, 4 rocks, and all professional accessories to host your game night. We also have many other casino game tables available for rent like blackjack with dealers, roulette etc to make your bachelor party really stand out. Our dedicated smoking room is charcoal filtered, vented outside, and isolated past two doors to provide you a super clean and convenient place to host your smoking guests in comfort and convenience. See photos.
Of course, dozens of board games, game consoles, tournament level ping pong table, and many other games are on site for your party needs. We are Game Room Studio, so we’re big on games, and playing, and fun.
This room offers its own Bluetooth party sound system, party lights, and it’s own private bathroom.
For work, we offer tons of space to host your networking events, script readings, production space, conference room and any other presentation, launch or pop up store that you can imagine.
This studio is in the very center of the commercial district, two blocks to Bedford avenue and McCarren Park, a short walk to the Apple Store and Whole Foods. You have easy delivery options and access to everything Williamsburg and Greenpoint have to offer in terms of food choices and retail stores.
If you need more space, we have another massive area that you can spill into. Our other listing features an additional 2,500 square feet for a total of 4,000 sq ft. It’s only $75 more for all of that extra space.
If it’s for an event, we provide tables, chairs, party lights, DJ connection and Speakers, Bluetooth sound system, and food service equipment, all included.
If it’s for a photo shoot, we provide all the photography equipment you could want or need to make your shoot a total success including profoto d2 heads, Matthews stands, reflectors, softboxes, octabanks, strip lights, wardrobe racks, steamers and more.
We also work with the largest event and production rental companies in NYC to provide you with anything extra that your event or production may need. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you and have it all delivered and ready for you before you arrive. Please contact us to arrange dates and times in advance.
The above listed rate is for all times during daytime hours, 8am-6pm, Sunday through Saturday.
Friday and Saturday evenings are available for a flat rate of $750 including cleanup and all equipment. This covers 8 hours from 6pm until 2am. Overtime is $75 per hour.
Sunday to Thursday nights after 6pm are available for a flat rate of $450 including cleanup and all equipment. This covers 8 hours from 6pm until 2am. Overtime is $75 per hour.

1,500 Sq. ft
Student Rate
Movable Furniture
Insurance required
Registered Historic


  • Wi-Fi
  • Fridge
  • Chairs
  • Printer
  • Microwave
  • Tables
  • A/C
  • Coffee Maker
  • Sink
  • Heater


Under $500 (12 hour shoot)
Student Discount:

Property Rules

*No alcohol is sold on the premises
*Strict cancellation policy
*Sorry, no ticketed events at the door, guest lists on

Cancellation Policy

Under $500

Student Rate Available

12 hour shoot
Your Name or Contact Person
Production Company

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